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Citizens For Government Integrity LLC, a Virginia Corporation, is a NON-PARTISAN group of concerned parents and residents who live in Mason District in Fairfax County and are disturbed about the lack of good governance, irresponsible spending, safety and education of our children in the Fairfax County Public Schools, and the costs to the Fairfax County taxpayers.

We are a mix of parents and residents who have political opinions that are sympathetic to both sides of the aisle and have set politics aside for a common goal.  What unifies us is the removal of Sandy Evans from her position as Mason District School Board Representative.  Sandy Evans has introduced a level of politics never before seen to our schools, the board and the FCPS administration … a place where politics should never exist.

We can assure you that none of us are politicians nor are any of us interested in becoming politicians … we are just average concerned Mason District citizens.  We ensure all who participate in this recall that this is a NON-PARTISAN effort.

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