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On December 20, the Petition to Remove Sandra Sue Evans from the FCPS School Board was filed at Fairfax County Circuit Court. Citizens for Government Integrity (C4GI) had collected and verified 1,307 signatures (more than the required 10%) from registered Mason District voters on a petition calling for the Fairfax County Circuit Court to remove Evans from office.  Fairfax Circuit Court Chief Judge Bruce White acted quickly to schedule a hearing for December 27, 2018.

On the same day, December 20, Evans’ attorney filed a motion to quash citing a March 1, 2018 Virginia Supreme Court decision that substantively changed the Virginia Code to Remove Elected Officials.

In response, and prior to material evidence being presented to the Circuit Court, C4GI filed a non-suit (withdrawal) on December 26.  This was done to cancel the December 27 Fairfax County Circuit Court hearing that likely would have quashed the petition based on the March 1, 2018 VA Supreme Court ruling. By filing the non-suit, C4GI preserves the right to refile the recall petition at a later time if the Virginia legislature takes action in 2019 to clarify the intent of the Virginia Code for Removal of Elected Officials.

On December 19, 2018, Sandra Sue Evans announced her retirement from the Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) at the end of her current term, December 31, 2019.  There is indication that she knew C4GI obtained more signatures than required and was preparing to file its petition calling for her removal.

C4GI expresses appreciation to the many Mason District citizens who joined us in objecting to the process by which the Fairfax County School Board (FCSB) renamed JEB Stuart High School against the wishes of a majority of students, alumni, and community members.  We continue to believe the FCSB violated School Board Regulations in so doing.  Justice was not served.

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The Virginia Code that outlines the procedure for the removal process can be found at this link.

law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title24.2/chapter2/section24.2-233/  NOTE: Use this link to get access to 2.24-234, 2.24-235, 2.24-236,2.24-237 and 2.24-238 for a complete overview of the process.

The undersigned believe that the actions of Sandra Sue Evans, among others, demonstrate, beyond doubt, neglect of duty, misuse of office and incompetence in the performance of her required duties as a school board member, in clear violation of Virginia Code § 24.2-233.

Wherefore, we respectfully petition the Circuit Court of Fairfax County to remove Sandra Sue Evans from her position as Mason District School Board representative.

Read how the J.E.B. Stuart students feel about the School Board’s action to change the name of their school.

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